About CyberAcon'21

THE EVOLUTION of Internet has opened a plethora of opportunities and possibilities to consume, access information, and connect people. The impact of Cybercrime has penetrated deeply with cybercriminals gaining access from a broader surface to attacks. This has been a major challenge to our economic activities been poorly managed in different sectors of the economy across Africa.

Leadership and the profile of the leaders-NOT TECHNOLOGY- are at the heart of the execution paradigm around cyber security in today’s digital world. People trust other and you need the right leaders to get things done around security, with the right balance of technical understanding, management acumen, personal gravitas, and emotional intelligence.

Where and how do you find such people, in a context where there are hardly any role models around and most CISOs, CEHs and other are technologies by background? What should be the role of our leaders in saving the internet domain from cybercriminals?

CYBERACON'21 is the first of its kind in Nigeria that will attract 1800 cyber security experts around the Globe to spark a conversation around the topic of cybersecurity. This summit will include keynote presentations, panel discussions, an interactives exhibition, networking and many more.

CYBERACON'21 Summit is organized with a view to galvanizing a comprehensive and broad-based approach to safeguarding the present and future of Africa in a world enmeshed in rampaging cyber-crisis. The summit is expected to review evolving dimensions in the digital ecosystem, contribute to awareness creation, capacity expansion and boosting of appropriate synergy in the relationships with stakeholders. It has been carefully planned to stimulate conversations towards helping organizations and agencies appreciate their enormous responsibilities in the digital space and prepare them to adequately participate in ensuring that Africa’s security and economy are kept ahead of the raging dimensions of cyber-threats.

Why CyberAcon'21?

  • Creating a share vision and recommendations about a future direction in cybersecurity domain in Africa especially Nigeria
  • Discovering the imperatives for change in Africa economy through proactive measure
  • Establish principles to guide future action on the issue of cyber-crime.
  • Fostering new or improved relationships with key stakeholders and leaders that can facilitate change and future action in cyber security domain.
  • Minimized the impeding dangers ahead.