About CyberAcon'21

Breaches and cyberattacks continuously pose threats to confidential data and our privacy. In the same vein, political and legal pressure grow on a daily basis. As a result, businesses and governments need to step up to the plate. Unfortunately, many organizations still put data and lives at risk due to an over-reliance on technology. Another factor is their entrenched mindset that human error and misjudgment are unmanageable flaws. This failure to address the ‘human factor’ makes organizations vulnerable and puts them at a major commercial disadvantage. To make a change, organizations need to adopt a different approach. This approach will facilitate a fundamental long-term shift in users’ awareness levels and create an effective & sustainable behaviour towards cybersecurity.

CyberAcon’22 with the theme ‘Rethinking the Human Factor in the Cyber Domain’ is the second edition of the cybersecurity summit organized by Cyberroot International Limited. This summit will attract experts around the world to discuss cybersecurity matters at length. In addition, it will include keynote presentations, panel discussions, interactive exhibitions, networking, and many more.